Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday - Fun Day

We started the morning by collecting and pressing flowers.

Next, we learned about worms!  They are good for the earth, because they eat and digest fruit and vegetable scraps and other food products and help the soil.  Red wriggler worms are 80% protein. We also learned about trash.  Oregon has four landfills.

We made blueprints designed our dream houses.  We had to follow some building codes that were really difficult.  We tried to design passive houses, which is a house that saves a lot of energy by holding in a lot of heat and keeping out the cold air.  So instead of using solar and wind energy, they use less energy all together.  That way, you have to pay less money for heating bills.

In genetics, we started to make Punnett squares to figure out what type of children our dragons would have.  We chose two dragons to be the parents, and they each had different genetic codes.  We filled in the Punnett squares according to those genetic codes.  We will roll dice to figure out what type of children the dragons will have.

Finally, we learned about flowers and plants.  We dissected a lily to find the different parts of the flower.  We learned which parts are male and female and made observations about the lilies.

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